In these cruel times, we all need a bit of levity. So here’s the biggest joke of the day: when Trump expressed an interest in purchasing Greenland, Denmark’s leader said that was absurd. He said that she was being nasty. I guess it takes one to know one.

Here are but a few of the nasty words he has used to describe people: stupid, dumb, crazy, disgusting, unattractive, slob, dog, slime ball, sneaky, wacky, low-IQ, nasty. Not to mention the many disparaging remarks he has made about dark-skinned people and his opponents. Very befitting of one of his office, wouldn’t you say?

But that’s not all. The president then canceled the upcoming meeting with Denmark. Astounding, isn’t it, that he can cancel a meeting of national importance over a perceived slight. That is not funny. To have a president let a personal grievance interfere with our country’s business is scary (By the way, after it was a known fact that Russia interfered with our election, did he cancel his meeting with Putin?).

I suppose better to be poking fun about his use of the word nasty than bemoaning the fact that he has once again retracted his stance on background checks for gun purchases. Him having the NRA’s backing is more important than the curtailing of deaths by gun, I reckon.

Ann Silver, Bakersfield