Considering the growing incidents of violence and mass killings in the United States, I have been wondering, is any place safe? Let's see:

A church? No.

A school? No. 

A concert? No. 

A grocery store? No.

A festival? No.

Partying or bar hopping? No.

At work? No.

A movie theater? No.

The list is only going to get longer unless something drastic is done. But who can get anything done? 

The answer lies with the same folks who have looked the other way while gun violence has steadily increased for decades: politicians, the National Rifle Association and gun manufacturers. 

Politicians need to do more than wasting airtime by decrying the latest mass shooting, calling it a tragedy and then doing nothing to stop future incidents. The U.S. needs a unified, nationwide ban on assault weapons. When California puts a ban on the sale of assault weapons, does it really do any good when the perpetrator can simply drive to an adjacent state to get a weapon of mass destruction? No. Politicians also need to establish a method to keep any weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill. 

The National Rifle Association needs to give up its belief that any legislation regulating firearms is a violation of the Second Amendment. I'm in favor of guns for sport, self-defense, collecting, etc., but the Second Amendment doesn't mention assault rifles, and firearms that kill multiple victims goes way beyond self-defense, unless you are in the military. 

Manufacturers of assault weapons need to cease manufacture for private use. This is not likely to happen since the bottom line is more important than lives saved, but if an assault weapons sales ban occurred, at least their profits would decrease. 

Do I think politicians, the NRA and manufacturers will do anything to stem the tide of incidents occurring in the U.S.? No, I think the NRA is writing checks to keep the politicians from voting serious gun legislation, and the gun manufacturers are too concerned for their bottom line to regulate themselves. I guess when it gets worse, I could do like President Trump said, if you don't like it here, move.

Bob Goon, Bakersfield