Remember that highly disrespectful ripping of what looked like the Constitution, Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

We — the multi-colored, multi-cultural and multi-professioned — people of the United States do too.

Your disrespect of the American people has been the only work that your bottlenecked Congress has performed consistently.

We elected one man to do the job of president for four years, you returned to us, what seemed to me, a traumatized and abused hostage victim in the presidential debates, nowhere near the statesman Trump who was initially elected.

This election was in no way organically tallied. It was definitely affected by algorithms somewhere in the tallying system. Since you hijacked Congress for four years, you had the onus of developing a tamperproof election system. You didn’t. You could have passed laws, or guidance for judges, to have the full reach necessary to actually be effective at certifying election results with a full picture and full transparency. You chose to bottleneck Congress instead. Instead of slowing down and taking your responsibility of the country’s frustration, you double down on victim shaming. Five people’s lives are over because of your consistently disrespectful behavior to the president for four years. Stop arguing

“Impeach Pelosi” sounds like a tasty sound bite to me.

Anita Becherer, Bakersfield