Another year, another argument regarding politics and the current administration. You say black, I'll say white. If you change to white, I'll say black.

Can we maybe do something about the hats with MAGA printed on them? "Make America Great Again" makes no sense. When was it great?

For me, it was my junior and senior years of high school. I had a full head of hair and no hair on my back. I was fit with not even a hint of a belly. All the girls were great looking, and the radio played the best music ever recorded. Cars were beautiful and colorful. You could tell a Ford from a Chevrolet from a Dodge and there was no such thing as a Nissan. I had a part-time job after school giving me folding money, and my parents paid all the bills. Hell, I did not even know what property taxes were. And we all hated the USSR. Couldn't get much better that that. When was your America great?

How about we dump the red hats and start to wear purple ones. We could print MASA: Make America Sane Again. That might be just a bit more appropriate.

Rex Wanlass, Bakersfield