I applaud the Bakersfield Californian’s op-ed on the recent scandals at the Kern County Fair (“Clean Up the Mess Made at the Kern County Fair,” Oct. 27).

The fair’s Board of Directors has completely lost sight of what the fair is all about: coming together to mentor young people and celebrate our community’s culture and talent. What should be a showcase of the best our county has to offer has instead turned into the worst case of mismanagement and corruption at a California State fair.

I was among the local citizens who attended the board meeting last week. Many of us have participated in, supported and attended the fair for generations, and we showed up because we care about its future. What started out as disappointment on the part of the community quickly turned to frustration and outrage as the board, in violation of state law and their own internal rules, arbitrarily shut down public comment. Rather than hear people’s comments, the board simply walked out. If the board members cannot handle themselves more professionally than that, they should resign their positions or be replaced.

I look forward to more of this kind of reporting as we all work to hold the board accountable for its actions and restore the mission, spirit and reputation of the Kern County Fair. I urge more people to attend the next board meeting on Nov. 18 and make their voices heard.

Phil Rudnick, Bakersfield