Great article on Hart Park and the devoted Cat People individuals who care so much ("Kern County, Cat People working together for a solution to Hart Park's feral cats," Jan. 9). Unfortunately, even this article will cause massive dumping of cats by ignorant people. What needed to be included in the article is education. Few dumpers know just how cruel this practice is and why. Cats are terrified by being grabbed and taken from their familiar home and buddies. Some try to return home with horrible outcomes — hit by cars, attacked by predators or falling in the hands of pervert humans. Many suffer a slow death. The cats that are dumped are simply replaced by others, so nothing is solved.

Also, The Cat People consists of volunteers and dumping just adds to their workload and expense.

Outside cats are everyone's responsibility. Many are suffering. We need to all do our part by learning what Trap Neuter Release (TNR) is and practicing it. Adding to the workload of Animal Control agencies and The Cat People is not a solution to the cat overpopulation all over Bakersfield. The reduction of the huge cat population, feral and/or abandoned, is the first step.

Your article should have included where people can go to learn about TNR and the immense benefits to all, cats and humans.

Jean Hughes Gutierrez, Bakersfield