I travel 23rd and 24th streets almost daily. I will be one of those among many who are relieved when construction is completed. However, I would like to give a big shout-out to the construction workers. In all this time, I have never seen workers not working, standing idly by or talking to each other. They have worked hard in 110 degree heat on hot streets. I salute them. Also, drivers on 24th Street have been kind to those of us trying to pull out on the busy street. Seldom does more than a couple cars pass by before a kind driver will allow us into a lane.

I would also like to commend those men and women who show up for work every day or week, depending on their job responsibilities, to service us. Huge kudos to those delivering our mail or newspapers. During the pandemic, there hasn't been a single day I have not received our mail when it's been so hot, or the paper delivered in the early morning hours. Our trash has been picked up on schedule each week.

To those who show up every day to do your job and do it well, even when conditions might not be conducive for you, we appreciate your dedication and hard work. Thank you.

Caryl Curless, Bakersfield