State Sen. Shannon Grove’s response to the attack on our U.S. Capitol in The Bakersfield Californian is vastly different from her original tweet ("Local political leaders speak out on Wednesday's rally outside Capitol building in Washington," Jan. 6). Her tweet blamed the violence at the U.S. Capitol on Antifa, but she quickly deleted that tweet. However, her response in The Bakersfield Californian wasn’t complete either.

Grove neglected in her quote to mention that the attack was committed by hundreds of President Trump’s supporters. Initially, Grove bought into a theory by a Georgia attorney, Lin Wood, and blamed Antifa, but she still had the gall to neglect to mention who the real culprits were. Shannon Grove is our representative in California’s state Senate. She is not being consistent with her words. I, as a Republican and living in Bakersfield for the past 52 years, am now wondering what else she has neglected to mention during her political career.

Sharon H. Thomas, Bakersfield