I have to comment on the column written by Justin Salters ("Good-bye, good luck and thank you," Feb. 5). He is scared of the progressive movement gaining momentum in the state Legislature. I am a progressive, but I feel the Democrats that are in power do not have the tenacity to take on the oil and agriculture industry here in California. Sure a lot of Americans want free medical, higher raises, free college tuition and to tax the extreme rich. Most Democrats want this, but their leadership lack the toughness to get this piece of legislation into law.

Back in 1978, proposition 13 was passed by a majority of Californian voters. This property tax bill was supposed to assist homeowners. Instead, since most of the homeowners who own homes have passed away, the only ones who are benefiting very from this law are commercial property owners.

Let's do some common sense legislation and get rid of that tax break to commercial property owners.

Bill Guerrero, Bakersfield