Everything I read and witness contradicts Shannon Grove's assertion about gas prices ("Grove: Another case of extreme over-taxation has California consumers paying at the pump," May 6).

If we were addressing prescription's drugs or medical cost/heath insurance, yes, we are abused from a system hell-bent on making profits off of human health and existence. It's very evident the wellbeing and heath of plain folk are not even on the GOP list. It's about having heat, food and a roof or medication, Ms. Grove.

But gasoline? Maybe public transportation could be better, but there are at least some options. And yes, some ridesharing, biking and walking are all options. But there are no options for insulin or necessary surgeries except death.

Frankly, Ms. Grove, you seems more interested in stirring the pot. Complaining without really looking at the whole issue of taxation at the pump. Californians voted twice in favor of raising gas taxes for road repair. Why is this opinion something to be ignored? Do we not believe in democracy? Or only your narrow slice of "right" is right?

My daughter lives in Dallas, Texas. A state big on low or no taxes. Texas, in an awkward way, makes your argument seem like yes, gasoline was $2.75 per gallon last week. But unacknowledged is highway road tolls for commuters in urban settings. My daughter's 15-mile commute into downtown costs around $150 to $200 a month.

There is a real cost to maintaining roads and bridges, no matter where one lives. Be honest in seeing how different pockets pay for what is required. 

Wade Eagleton, Bakersfield