I work in the solar industry here in Bakersfield, and PG&E is threatening my job. Last week, PG&E proposed making rooftop solar more expensive with the highest solar fee in America. This would make rooftop solar too expensive for a lot of people in our community, and it would put people like me out of a job.

I work in the solar industry, in part, because I want to help people in my community have control over where their power comes from and how much it costs. But consumer choice threatens PG&E's monopoly and so they are fighting it. They claim solar consumers don’t pay their fair share, but in reality solar consumers simply don’t pay PG&E as much as they would like to be paid. It is about their profit, as always.

PG&E’s new rules would strip Californians of their energy options, forcing consumers to endure rising electricity costs that continue to increase each year. And costs aren’t the only thing Californians are enduring; over the last decade, long and frequent blackouts and utility-caused wildfires have become commonplace. PG&E says they care about working class Californians, but if they truly cared they’d work with the businesses and organizations who are making energy more affordable and reliable for everyone.

— Troy Carroll, Bakersfield