The mighty San Andreas Fault will move whether we frack or not which it did in the 1857 (7.9) Fort Tejon quake. And in 1906, the San Francisco Quake (7.9). No oil wells in or around either location then, and we hadn’t started fracking till about 1947 ("Letter to the Editor: Something to ponder about fracking," June 17).

I fracked one of the first oil wells ever right here in Kern County. Then went on to frack many wells here and in Wyoming and Nebraska. Fracked dozens of wells and never had an earthquake.

According to the geologists in Oklahoma, the quakes are caused by the injection of produced wastewater from oil wells, into depleted water formations, at a minimal depth, not fracking. Fracking oil wells is at a much lower depth than water tables at thousands of feet lower.

John M Kelley, Bakersfield