The U.S. District Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts issued a press release on April 25 stating that Massachusetts District Court Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph and Trial Court Officer Wesley MacGregor were indicted on one count of conspiracy to obstruct justice and two counts of obstruction of justice. MacGregor was also charged with one count of perjury. These indictments were a result of the judge and the trial court officer helping an illegal immigrant evade arrest by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Officers outside the Massachusetts District Court house.

“This case is about the rule of law,” said United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling. “The allegations in today’s indictment involve obstruction by a sitting judge, that is intentional interference with the enforcement of federal law, and that is a crime. We cannot pick and choose the federal laws we follow, or use our personal views to justify violating the law. Everyone in the justice system – not just judges, but law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and defense counsel – should be held to a higher standard. The people of Massachusetts expect that, just like they expect judges to be fair, impartial and to follow the law themselves.”

I think California Gov. Gavin Newsom and other illegal immigrant sanctuary proponents should read the above paragraph very carefully. If they don’t abandon their support for sanctuaries, the U.S. District Attorney’s Office might visit them with similar indictments for obstructing justice. The sooner the better I say.

Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi