As an electric vehicle driver for six years, my family has owned a Chevy Spark EV, two Nissan Leafs, a KIA Soul EV and two Tesla Model 3s. I think Robert Price ("Electric car lovers are among us, right here in oil city," Nov. 3) missed one of the biggest selling points of EVs: charging at home. About 90 percent of the time you are not looking for a place to charge because just like your cell phone, you charge at home. We took a road trip to Florida all on electricity, and it came out to be 2,400 miles in 47 hours (we did have to stop to sleep) and less than $100 in “fuel.” We literally told the car, “navigate to Gainesville, Florida” and it picked the route and the superchargers and did most the driving for us. The typical stop was about 20 to 25 minutes. When we got to Gainesville, the gas stations had hours-long lines due to an incoming hurricane. We were staying at a bed and breakfast and just plugged into a 110 volt outlet by our room. At $45,000 for an EV that will go more than 300 miles on a charge, 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds, costs 80 cents to go 20 miles and requires no oil changes, smog, oxygen sensors or other routine maintenance, the affordable electric car is here.

Dave Thomas, Bakersfield