A recent letter discusses SB 145 which eliminates automatic sex registration for young adults who have a particular kind of sex with a minor (“Letter to the Editor: Take an honest look,” Sept. 9). Giving a judge the discretion in these cases is best for everybody. It’s just common sense.

If an 18 year old has consensual sex with a 17 year old, how serious is that? Not putting somebody on an internet list for life doesn’t really reduce the severity of the crime. They still have a felony. Why give a young person a life sentence? Registration is a life sentence of discrimination, even if the courts have decided otherwise. It creates hysteria, hate, discrimination, homelessness, social welfare programs, higher taxes and sometimes murder. The Nazis were good at registering people. If your son or daughter was involved in this situation, what would your response be, letter writer?

Mike Francel, Bakersfield