The Democrats must not repeat the horrible mistake made by the Republicans and become a party that is devoted solely to stopping someone. Sen. Mitch McConnell announced years ago, when Obama was elected, Republicans were going to dedicate themselves to stopping him. This leads to insanity. And if you want to see insanity, just look in the White House and the extraordinary downward spiral of what used to be the Republican Party.

The House needs to put forward legislation, not just devote itself to opposing President Donald Trump. He will try to bait them into that every day, as he has done for over two years, and try steal the headlines. This is where the media is not anyone’s friend. The media loves controversy. It's "interesting," far more interesting than some boring vote on the Hill. The media loves a fight and will amplify it. But if we just focus on the fight, we end up with more fight. But if you fight for something instead of against, the media can fall in love with that too.

Create new ideas, not opposing ideas, just GOOD IDEAS. This is what Americans really want: Change instead of just talking about change or blaming the "other side" for blocking change.

The House should spend five hours working on health care, infrastructure, cleaner air and water, job training programs, education reforms, etc., for every one they use to oppose Trump.

And these ideas can come from any party. Unfold the arms and hold out that hand.

Peter Kjenaas, Frazier Park