According to a CNN report, Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham said the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump is "invalid" unless the identity of the anonymous whistleblower is revealed.

Why? President Trump himself admitted to asking Ukraine, a foreign entity, for the favor of investigating our citizens, and others have testified that he made that request. Aren’t they all whistleblowers?

If I steal a cow and admit it, why are witnesses needed to confirm that I said I stole a cow? Furthermore, what if an anonymous person said he heard me say I stole a cow? Do we blame that messenger for the act of telling or the person who did the stealing?

Now take this thought to a higher level: if I steal a military secret that is vital to our country’s security and an anonymous person reports it, are you going to be concerned about the identity of the whistleblower or the person who has compromised America’s security? I venture to say you would be thanking the whistleblower.

So why in the world are some in Congress demanding the identity of Trump’s whistleblower? It is not the messenger but the perpetrator who is to blame. 

Ann Silver, Bakersfield