Stefanie Daubert ("COMMUNITY VOICES: The disappearance of 'masculinity' is harmful to society," Jan. 28), in her response to Gillette’s ad on “toxic masculinity,” is woefully misguided believing that men in this country are being attacked for, well, being men.

Masculinity is not under attack; the condemnation is for men who behave badly, harass, exploit, abuse, bully, etc. This is toxic masculinity. There are so many things she states that are incredibly harmful and wrong, but I take exception to this in particular: she seems to blame single mothers for a lot, as if they are willfully ditching the fathers of their children. She is irresponsibly forgiving of men for their part in single-parent motherhood.

Daubert asks, “What is the damage to the children though with no male influence, particularly a strong male?” Many of these women are alone because of “toxic masculinity,” including abuse or their male partners were alcohol or drug addicted. Many of these women loved their children enough to get out. Or, is she suggesting these are the role models these mothers should have remained with? What about the men who abandon their families? I was a single mother. I know many single mothers, and most of us certainly would not have “chosen” to be single mothers; convenient it certainly is not. So, let’s now blame single mothers for prison inmates. She writes of the inmates she has worked with, “These men had no positive male role models in their lives.”

So, back to that commercial, let’s talk about the responsibility of men.

Tracy Lopez, Bakersfield