I don’t want another country to decide our American elections or to be invited to do so. I said this in a recent call to Congressman Kervin McCarthy’s office as soon as the appalling, unthinkable scope of the present scandal became apparent. This scandal has since become even worse, thanks to Mr. Trump’s public defense of such practices and by extending open invitations to other countries to join in the grand game of deciding America’s fate as well.

McCarthy, in his rebuttal to Robert Price’s article, justifies his continued support of Trump by attributing to him some examples of economic gains, the upward trends of which were already in motion before Trump even took office. McCarthy claims, “I am confident that as Commander in Chief, he will always to do right by the American people.”

Is Rep. McCarthy just as confident concerning the intentions of a possible future president that has been installed by a hostile foreign government thanks to the flashing green light currently being extended by Trump for other countries to manipulate our elections by whatever means necessary? McCarthy describes himself as “results-driven person,” but what possible good result can come from this?

A scripture comes to mind, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Except that in this case, it’s the very soul and sovereignty of America that’s at stake. Dear Kevin, please stop enabling this and other continuing atrocities.

Zoa Duffy, Bakersfield