I am miffed with aspects of the governor's response, but I am irate with the city and county's lack of response to the pandemic. As the small business economy is bleeding on the street, they blame the state and leave any guidelines enforcement to the state.

I'm not asking to fine a driver at 60 mph in a 55 mph zone, but to get the 100 mph driver off the road. In my youth, I've been to parties broken up for noise violations, but a 150-plus person gathering can't be bothered during a pandemic? As some businesses act as if COVID-19 doesn't exist, why can't departments respond as they would with any other violation? Fire marshals have responded to overcapacity in the past, but not for COVID-19 concerns?

As our local numbers climb, all I hear are excuses and shifted blame. Those businesses trying to do the right things suffer the sins of others. Where does the buck stop? Where is the responsibility of leadership? Do your jobs and help us control the outbreak. This was always going to be a hard time, but it didn't have to be this disastrous. Save some lives.

Don Le, Bakersfield