I realize many have already cast their ballot, but for those who haven't, I urge you to read newspapers, listen to various TV channels and mostly listen to what comes out of the mouths of the candidates. Sort out the "fake news." Enough of violence, lies, hate messages, name calling. Our country is hurting now and we must get back to doing good for the most people. Don't be afraid of voting because doubt was put forth on the legality of vote counting.

President Trump says if he loses, the election was rigged. If he wins, would the election still have been rigged? The simplest way of tampering with election voting would be through the Electoral College votes. Steve Bacon, in a recent Community Voices, stated, "The Constitution specifies that each state, through its legislature, will appoint electors who vote in that state for president and send those results to Congress — the process we call the Electoral College. The Constitution does not specify how these electors are chosen. All states currently choose electors by popular vote within their state. By challenging the validity of state elections, Trump hopes to create a justification for state legislatures to appoint electors directly, nullifying the will of the people. ... Alternatively, Congress could challenge the standing of competing slates of state electors and dismiss them altogether..."

What is wrong with just counting each individual vote and going with the popular majority vote? Election boards have all year to investigate proper registration, check for multiple personal registrations and weed out those still on the list that have died or moved to other areas. With the technology that is available today this shouldn't be too difficult. Be sure to vote, and if voting by mail, return your ballot early.

Betty L. Kouklis, Bakersfield

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