The House of Representatives Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy showed his true colors last week. They are definitely not red, white and blue. Last week the Democrat led House passed a bill to combat foreign interference in U.S. elections. On a party line vote the bill passed. I get it, the GOP resisted, since they need and gladly accept assistance from foreign nations. It was Russia in 2016 and Trump tried to enlist the aid of Ukraine in July of this year.

After losing the vote noted above, the Republicans sought to pass an amendment to the bill. The amendment would remove what I thought was a key provision in the bill. That provision allowed the U.S. Attorney General to “correct the spread of false information about state and local elections.” This misinformation could include incorrect voting dates, times and places sent to voters in an attempt to suppress their voting rights. These types of tricks have happened before usually in low-income rural areas where the correct information may not be easily found. So “my Kevin” is now on record as advocating for crooked elections. The GOP seeks to retain election campaigns that include lies, dirty tricks and misinformation in an attempt to con American citizens of their voting rights. This is unacceptable behavior. Anyone who will seek to use dirty tricks to win elections certainly does not bleed red, white and blue.

Terry Beals, Bakersfield