I read with dismay Robert Price’s piece, (“These movie seats are reserved — until they're not,” Jan. 8), detailing an incident in which Studio Movie Grill, in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act, failed to reserve designated seats for disabled patrons and their companions.

Certainly, while most people follow most of the laws, rules and regulations most of the time, it is human nature to see what one can get away with. This is, of course, as applicable to corporations as it is to individuals. And while operating under the dubious principle of "It’s not really wrong unless one gets caught" is all fun and games until one, in fact, is caught, the usual course of action in such a case is to admit guilt, express remorse, take such lumps as one may get and move forward in compliance. Studio Movie Grill failed to act in such a fashion. Its own clearly stated policy is in compliance with ADA guidelines, yet this franchise apparently fails to enforce its own guidelines.

Disability rights are an important element to living in a strong, vibrant America, and this unfortunate incident is an example of why passage of legislation is but a step toward embracing a culture in which equity for all Americans is a reality, and why enforcement of legislation is so important in guaranteeing such laws. We hope that Studio Movie Grill shall speedily and amicably resolve this situation, making such enforcement unnecessary.

Peter Wonderly, Vancouver, Wash.