My wife and I are very fortunate to travel by RV throughout the U.S. on a frequent basis, but it has also provided us with the opportunity to experience many questionable differences between California and others states.

Upon entering back into our home state, it becomes immediately obvious and shameful to see the graffiti and litter visible from our roadways. Our Sacramento politicians need to travel by road and see first-hand how we negatively differ from other states. They may then come to the realization that the current state of enforcement does not work. Their liberal focus to decriminalize many non-violent crimes, such as graffiti and littering, is not working. Extremely heavy fines, along with lengthy time behind bars, is the only rehabilitation understood by most of these offenders. Fines should be extremely large and go toward even more increased enforcement. How nice it would be to see legitimate signs that state we are proud of California and do not tolerate crime of any type. The politicians might also notice the 50 cent to $1 per gallon increase in fuel cost immediately upon crossing back into California and ask themselves, “Why does this exist?” It’s certainly not because our roads are better!

Don Fowler, Bakersfield