I have to question the letter written about electrification being preferred ("Letter to the Editor: Electrification is preferred," Sept. 4). I don't think that he knows what a BTU, or British Thermal Unit is. One BTU is the heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water one degree. That's one pound, roughly one-eighth of a gallon. He wrote that one BTU costs $2. If that were the case, my bill from The Gas Co. last month would have been $1,400,000, because I used seven therms of gas. One therm equals 100,000 BTUs.

As for an electric water heater being better in a power outage, that just makes no sense. His reasoning was that an electric water heater preheats the water. That's also what a gas heater does. The main difference is that a gas heater will still work in a power outage. I think the writer might be a solar salesman who is totally confused.

Floyd Roberts, Wasco