In Clayton Campbell’s column (“COMMUNITY VOICES: In Kern, as elsewhere, freedom trumps fear every time,” May 10), he and other business owners signed a letter asking the Board of Supervisors to rescind the April 2 order, which criminalized violation of the shelter-in place rules. I have not been arrested nor has anyone else in the city of Taft, and I doubt that anyone would have as the message “stay at home, wear a mask” seems to be very effective without the Constitution involved. I wear a mask whenever I’m out in public, make sure my cart is wiped clean and am very careful of what I pick up with my bare hands.

Robert Price (“ROBERT PRICE: In Kern, as elsewhere, science trumps restlessness every time,” May 3) wrote about science and how it plays such an important role in our daily lives and how it’s now being used to find a vaccine for COVID-19. In California alone there are more than 67,000 cases with 2,700 deaths.

I agree with the quarantine order that came down from the White House and was given to our governors, boards of supervisors, mayors and other elected officials. Yes, it is an imposition for businesses and stress on employees and their families, but I feel a life is worth far more than the money you and other business owners may lose during this quarantine period.

Before you take the quarantine order to the courts, think about the medical professionals, first responders, their support staff and those who put their lives on the line daily to protect you, your family and your clients from this deadly virus. Folks wearing masks, staying home and using plain common sense is spreading like a virus of its own and it’s working.

You concluded your piece with, “What should drive governments is what governments are supposed to be doing in the first place — securing the blessings of liberty for the people.” Our government was driven to protect the people they serve, and the quarantine has become a major role in savings lives.

James McCall, Taft