Your contributors’ knowledgeable commentary about Trump’s treading on the Constitution leaves me wondering where they get their information. The left is great - even funny - at quoting the Constitution and the Bible out of context.

There is no question POTUS has the authority to declare an emergency and act on it. He runs afoul of globalists when he obeys his constitutional mandate to protect and defend. Is he to not have the means to deal with the invasion of caravans of people with no capability to assimilate into our culture en masse, nor the ability to deal with the jihadis and MS-13 criminals being gleaned from the crowd?

I’ve long advocated cutting off the head of that snake in the perps who are assembling, guiding, assigning coyotes and attorneys to give the desperate people ways to lie their way into the country. At least Mexico is finally getting the message with all its problems.

We should all be aware of a generations-old tactic the Democrats have used to undermine the Republic - the Cloward-Piven Strategy. In small part and quite revealing: "A strategy to end poverty" advocating increased enrollment in social welfare programs in order to collapse that system and force reforms, leading to a guaranteed annual income ... (That ain’t all!)

Top that with the Senate dragging out Trump appointments, with several hundred yet to be confirmed after more than two years. The Swamp at work - a bipartisan disease.

Here is a link to the full C-P Strategy:

Gerald V. Todd, Bakersfield