Former Congressman Anthony Weiner was sentenced to 21 months in jail for a little email titillation because the Anthony Weiner justice system worked. Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used an illegal server that jeopardized huge amounts of sensitive national security information, lied repeatedly about the classified information on her illegal server, illegally deleted over 35,000 emails from her server that were under subpoena from the Congress, was responsible for the murder of Ambassador Chris Stephens and three others in Benghazi, extorted contributions for her family foundation from various foreign leaders who wanted to buy influence, and personally brokered a deal that gave Russia control more than 20 percent of our uranium resources in exchange for huge donations to her family foundation.

Weiner’s actions did nothing to harm our national security. Clinton’s actions were far worse and have potentially huge implications for our national security, yet Clinton is fancy free and is doing book signings and touring the country — blaming everybody in the world for her humiliating loss to President Donald Trump.

Had I or any other normal person done half of what Clinton did, we would have already been prosecuted and would be serving about 200 years in jail. As he sits in his jail cell, poor Anthony Weiner must wonder why he didn’t have access to the Hillary Clinton justice system. What I wonder is why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been prosecuted under the Anthony Weiner justice system.

— Wilbur W. Wells, Tehachapi