What a tragedy we had this weekend. One wonders if we have an answer. Some say gun control is the only answer, some say America has too many guns. This leads us to who has the right to bear arms — we the people or the evil people in this country? How do we separate these sources? Take away one's right to bear arms and the evil people will still have a way to obtain a gun with no legal way to prevent the possession of deadly weapons. The Second Amendment of the Constitution gives us the right to bear these arms for the protection of a free people. Tyranny is always a threat and has been since the American Revolutionary War in 1776 that's why we have a well armed militia of we the people.

My real concern is for the years and years of violence in our videos, movies and television. They have for 60 years bombarded our public with horrible examples of the thrill of senseless killing. Some said one of the shooters watched videos of killing people often to satisfy the lust for murder.

Leaders of this nation must clean up our entertainment industry. It will be expensive and make many enemies. Personally, I could care less about profits, I only care about preventing the slaughter of our precious innocent people. God bless America.

Trenton Spears, Bakersfield