A few thoughts about the Jan. 6 hit piece on POTUS written by Ken McCalip, “COMMUNITY VOICES: Trump is steering our ship to rocky shoals ahead.” Though the author is highly educated, he didn’t back up his assertions by citing even one source for his claims, something he must have done while getting those advanced degrees.

He wrote, “Experts have stated that this (wall) would be of no use in stopping immigrants ...” Who are his experts? I’ve seen many interviews of Border Patrol agents on TV. They all say a wall is needed. They are the real experts and know from personal experience.

McCalip also wrote that the president has forced a government shutdown. I say Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi forced the shutdown. They continue to defy the president by saying no funding for a wall. Both of them were in favor of a wall a few years ago. What changed their minds? Why is a wall to protect the southern border "immoral" as Speaker Pelosi says?

The author urges people to contact their representatives to “... demand an end to this fiasco and the immediate removal of this leader ...” That can only be done by invoking the 25th Amendment or impeachment.

An opinion piece by Leonard Pitts, printed Jan. 7, says Donald Trump deserves to be impeached.

Neither of these writers provided evidence that Donald Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, or anything else that would justify impeachment and/or his removal from office.

Richard C. Nuckles, Bakersfield