Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out one tweet about the NFL that left folks speechless — including the NFL being racist and that the poor black players would never be subject to her 70 percent income tax. One tweeter referred to her as “childlike” in his criticism of her antics with semantics.

There is a difference between childlike and childish. Childlike people have equal access to their left and right brain hemispheres that maximizes their spiritual, creative and intuitional thinking. Donald Trump is childlike (tough to see, but he's miles ahead of the weenies who hate him.)

AOC is not only childish, but corpus callosum challenged, where her thoughts can't escape her left brain hemisphere for further processing. She spouts believable nonsense because she doesn't know any better. Globalists, Democrats and RINOs support her because she makes the same noises they would if they were smart enough. She is smart, but woefully ignorant.

Jerry Todd, Bakersfield