The goal of California’s solar subsidy program, when launched 25 years ago, was to jump-start the rooftop solar industry, drive down costs of the technology and contribute to the growth of renewable power in California. Mission accomplished. Since then, Californians have installed more than 1 million rooftop systems and the cost of solar technology has fallen more than 70 percent.

Unfortunately, the mandated credits paid for excess power generated by customers with rooftop solar are so high that many are no longer contributing their fair share to maintain the electric grid and public policy programs. These costs do not go away and are shifted to residential and small business customers who don’t have solar systems, driving up their electric bills by nearly $3 billion every year.

This cost shift is unsustainable and places an additional burden on consumers, taxpayers and businesses, all of whom are already struggling to get by.

— Michael Turnipseed, Kern County Taxpayers Association