As numerous fires burn in various parts of California, many people wonder why these fires are burning so strong and are seemingly uncontrollable. The two most common answers seem to be the current holdup on logging practices in many of these forest regions and the restrictions currently in place on controlled burns performed by state forest personnel. Both of these practices have allowed the forest regions to be cleared of unwanted overgrowth of trees and bushes. It is these materials that are providing the fuel for the size and strength of these fires.

The decisions to restrict these two essential practices can only be laid at the feet of the predominant Democrat leadership in our state government in Sacramento. For whatever reason they attempt to give, it is their actions alone that are primarily responsible for the loss of habitat, buildings, wildlife and livestock who use these forest lands. And another thing is beginning to take shape: this tragedy is bound to leave an impression on the multitude of people who will be casting ballots in the upcoming elections. The Democrats' actions (or in this case lack of actions) may be a very strong influence on whether or not to continue this state's liberal policies.

Here again is another tragic example of a lack of common sense in Sacramento.

Jerry Poncetta, Bakersfield