The Boy Scouts of America has fallen on sad times. It seems that the executives seem to be glad the list of abused scouts will finally be completed. The latest figure is around 90,000 abused scouts, according to The Bakersfield Californian, and the long legal process will began on some future date.

I have never seen or heard about sex abuse in any of my encounters in scouting in my 32 years. I consider this a positive endorsement for the youth of America and the world of scouting. I attended the World Scout Jamboree in 2019, and it was a marvelous and fun time for all. I always participate in the annual courses required by the Youth Protection Training policy to remain a Scout Leader in the BSA.

I realize that sex abuse of this nation's children is a national disgrace, and if lawsuits are the cure, so be it. This nation is a nation of law and order so it must prevail. Having said that, I still believe that the BSA offers the best youth training in the U.S. and nothing has come close to this participation by and for our youth. I fear that some will view scouting has been a bad thing. Please continue supporting this youth inspiring program; it has no equal. God Bless America.

Trenton Spears, Bakersfield