It seems like state Sen. Shannon Grove has a mathematics problem ("Grove: Another case of extreme over-taxation has California consumers paying at the pump," May 6). Most conservatives share the same problem. They blame the recent rise in gas prices, as much as $1.50 a gallon, on a 12 cent gas tax increase in 2017 (I noted that although she cited the increase, she didn’t say how little it was). Somehow, she is blaming a 12 cent per gallon gas tax increase in 2017 for our recent price increase. She didn’t acknowledge the seasonal aspect, since refineries have to stop operating every spring to change over to the summer blend of gasoline. She didn’t acknowledge the two recent refinery fires which have also constricted supplies. This is capitalism, folks, not excess taxation: as supply drops, prices rise.

As for the tax, if you want roads, you need to pay for them. Drive from Bakersfield to San Diego and you will go through almost a dozen construction zones. The gas taxes are paying for that.

Ms. Grove, you are just another bearer of fake news.

Al Gaines, Bakersfield