What is “fake news”? For starters, Sen. Thomas Umberg’s column ("Ballot harvesting is 'fake news,'" March 9) fails to mention the settlement between Judicial Watch, the state of California and the county of Los Angeles. As per the National Voter Registration Act, the process has begun to remove approximately 1.5 million inactive registered voters from the voting rolls. How many of these individuals voted in this last election is still very unclear.

Whether the number is one or 100,000, California has a serious problem with voter rolls, and California appears to have no real desire to rectify this problem. Now California has decided to “harvest” ballots from people who don’t go to the polls on Election Day or fail to use the mail-in ballot procedure. North Carolina had problems with ballot harvesting in the 2018 elections, and there is an extremely high probability that California has/had a similar problem. Just look at California’s track record with voter registration rolls.

Ballot harvesting is a great opportunity to further corrupt the voting process. The only two options to cast a ballot should be either voting on Election Day at a polling station or utilizing a mail-in ballot.

Tom Payne, Bakersfield