Has our city council gone crazy? How does something this absurd get consideration? Chickens are noisy (yes, even hens!), smelly and a definite detriment to your ability to enjoy your own home ("Urban hens one step closer to reality for most Bakersfield residents," Sept. 8). Can you imagine trying to sell your house with chickens next door? "Sorry about the feathers and the smell. It's just my neighbors, but don't worry they're good people. This only happens when there's a breeze blowing. You might want to relax in the front yard instead!"

And who would enforce the rules regarding this great idea? The same folks who can't stop the loud music, parties, street racing, porch pirates and hundreds of other items in our civil and municipal codes which appear to go on perpetually with total impunity. I have a great idea. They already have homes right here in Kern County that are zoned for whatever reasonable animal you would like!

COVID-19, toilet paper hoarding, three months of riots and now backyard hens! We are quickly turning in to a third world country. What next?

I would love to have a tiger in my backyard. What a great conversation starter. He only bites when we forget to feed him his chicken!

Craig Harrell, Bakersfield