Responding to Rich Lowry’s commentary ("'Moscow Mitch' is a ridiculous smear," July 31), with POTUS long on calling Democrats and Republicans he doesn’t like all sorts of offensive, juvenile and insulting nicknames, Democrats have been largely silent on such sophomoric behavior.

With Republicans long on ideology and short on solutions, congressional Democrats, addressing Russian meddling in our elections, came up with one. While it no doubt had flaws, its main problem was it didn’t align with the perspective of right wing ideology. Rather than come up with draft improvements, the best Senate Leader McConnell could do was block its consideration.

So, now, after an entirely disingenuous disinclination to support this sound bipartisan bill, Trump’s lapdog in the Senate, long bent on blocking and frustrating Democrats at every turn no matter the virtue of their intent, got hung with a nickname. It’s hard to support the notion that he didn’t earn it although I must give Lowry credit for trying.

Stephen A. Montgomery, Bakersfield