Community Voices writer Ken Mulder proposes using Hart Park to house the homeless ("COMMUNITY VOICES: Sheltering the homeless," Sept. 7). This is a terrible idea on so many levels.

To start, the area he is talking about is heavily used by the public. When I drove by the area the other night, there were several large family groups with canopies, volleyball nets, etc. Further, there is no way 1000 EZ-UPs or tents could be accommodated in this area.

It seems he is unaware of all the plans the Board of Supervisors has to beautify and add many amenities to the park to attract more public use. Nowhere did I see any mention of sheltering the homeless at the park.

Unfortunately, a number of the homeless have drug and/or mental health issues. Troubling is the likelihood that a significant drug presence would be attracted to the park.

There is no daily park ranger or sheriff presence. Rangers are at the park only on certain days and hours, and they are responsible for much more than just the park. Hopefully in the future there will be more rangers.

Additionally, there is a proposal already for a GET bus route to the park.

What could be a better alternative idea would be to utilize some of the land occupied by the soccer park just outside the park. It's a large parcel of land, and a portion of which could be used to shelter the homeless.

Carol Lair, Bakersfield