We cruised the Panama Canal and it was a great experience with good food, great scenery and an interesting history of the canal. However, we were stuck at a table with two Justin Trudeau-supporting Canadians.

After introducing themselves, they said, with complete agreement, our new American president was running the country like a game show. I looked over at Judy, and she was holding her breath. The two again slammed Trump by saying he has destroyed the Canadian economy with his un-neighborly steel tariffs and is turning North America into an environmental disaster. Blanch and John continued telling us how inclusive and environmentally-friendly Canada is. John praised Obama and informed us of the great humanitarian function Obama performed by bringing thousands of Haitians into the United States. Blanch told us what an evil thing Trump did by deporting them.

I felt like reaching across the table and grabbing a hand full of neck, but decided to ask a few questions instead. I asked John why he thought more people were working, Americans were making more money and the middle class is again growing in America. He said it was a result of the Obama economy. I asked Blanch what happened to the Haitians Trump deported. She said they slipped into Canada. I asked what happened next. Blanch said, “We had to keep them because the U.S. would not take them back.” Judy asked John if Canada refined its own oil and he said no and the country sends it to U.S. refineries, which helps keep the environment clean. He then complained about having to buy it back.

I asked John if Trudeau took a balanced budget and turned it into a $1 trillion deficit. He said, “Well it wasn’t that much.”

William Davis, Bakersfield