I watched “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson" on Father’s Day and the story was about Mexican drug runners crossing the border onto an Arizona man’s 16,000-acre ranch. They stole his truck, horses, saddles, etc. When the rancher reported the thefts, a deputy from Cochise County came up with an ingenious plan. He strategically placed hidden cameras with motion sensors that would pick up any movement within 200 yards, capturing anything in three directions.

In the first month after the cameras were placed, 25 drug busts were made. Was the rancher pleased? What do you think?

Watching the show gave me an idea. Maybe the Bakersfield Police Department should strategically place hidden cameras around town to catch crooks, or I know, they could catch the people who are shooting off illegal fireworks every night. My suggestion is to place cameras at 7th and T streets and 3rd and P streets. Then perhaps the elderly folks who live nearby can get the rest they so desperately need.

Vic James, Bakersfield

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