It's disappointing to see our Congressman Kevin McCarthy defend President Trump. It's clear he has never experienced racism, living in a white privilege country. He apparently does not understand attitudes toward people that are not like him. It's like the parking grills in parking lots that are there to keep people from driving the wrong way or your tire gets punctured. For McCarthy, when he drives across the grills, they go down. For people of color, LGBTQ people, women seeking advancements equal to men, people with disabilities, etc., when we drive across the grates, they do not go down. We have to be so careful or our tires become punctured.

Maybe our congressman could spend a month, incognito, in Puerto Rico where his Republican Party continues to deny emergency service. Maybe then he might understand the pain of activities performed by white nationalists on the rest of us. Maybe then he can stand, not as a white man, as a human and condemn the actions of our president.

Nathan Acuna, Bakersfield