The average American citizen is compassionate and caring. But unlike politicians, whose concerns are generally political, the citizen’s concern for the homeless dweller is rather unique.

These result-seeking Americans believe the homeless problem should be solved and not simply enhanced by throwing money at it. Because building homeless housing only encourages more homelessness and that action places the needy among the predators. The idea is to recognize who and why a homeless person is homeless. Many of us already know that the homeless are divided in many categories: hard times, displaced veterans, single mothers, unemployed, society dropouts, people moving around the country and the mentally ill. These people need to be removed from this environment and away from the homeless predator: the drug attack, alcoholic and the social deviant who preys on others.

Let’s consider what was said by Ben Carson, secretary of housing and urban development: If we accept the spending of millions of taxpayer dollars on homeless shelters, why not spend that money to convert homeless people into productive members of our current society?

Carson tells us there are 329,968,629 people living in the United States. There are four times more people living in China and India. For every person we send into the American work force, China and India send in four. So why is it politicians can’t use this wasted shelter money for a badly needed cause and rehab the homeless, sending them back into American society as productive workers? We could certainly use them.

The homeless problem is no longer simply a problem; it has now become a crisis. As homelessness continues to hide behind political correctness and liberal California laws, we will continue to waste millions putting Band Aids on homelessness.

As many American come to consider these ideas, some ask what is the solution? One could include the California National Guard and the empty facility at Camp Roberts. It has barracks, mess halls, toilets and showers. The National Guard can use its trucks to transport homeless individuals to this camp and help them become productive again.

William Davis, Bakersfield