Why do the people of Kern County allow a third-rate bankrupt public utility, PG&E, to unilaterally and arbitrarily cut off our power without any input by Kern County? To put it mildly, this is overkill. We should be allowed input into the equation. I truly believe county Emergency Management must be included in the decision-making process of cutting off the power. Just because some bureaucrat at an unknown PG&E facility is looking at a weather model map does not mean it pertains to Kern County.

Maybe if there was a penalty to have PGE reimburse utility users for any loss during their unchallenged outages they might think twice before shutting off the power.

I’m asking the Board of Supervisors to immediately convene an emergency meeting to discuss this very important matter, including passing a county ordinance prohibiting PG&E from cutting the power off in Kern County without input from the county.

What is even more troubling to me is both of our state elected officials, Shannon Grove and Vince Fong are hiding under their desks. They should be in the forefront protecting the citizens and business of Kern County. Where are they?

This madness must stop today! Call your elected representative today and demand action now!

Donald Kurtz, Bakersfield