Guillermo Ceja's Nov. 29 Community Voices column, "Tests are lacking on crops and oilfield water suitability," reminds us that there are never enough tests and never enough information when the facts of a case are at odds with one's agenda.

A wide variety of chemicals is used in the production of oil and gas depending on conditions, and a small number are hazardous. But as Lois Henry has pointed out repeatedly, none of these hazardous chemicals are used in Kern River and adjacent oilfields that provide irrigation water to the Cawello Water District. The east side oil fields that provide water to Cawello are truly unique in the world, because heavy crude oil has migrated from its source rock into fresh water aquifers.

You have two valuable resources being produced, heavy crude oil and freshwater. The freshwater can be used as a source for generating steam and for irrigation of valuable crops. As Lois Henry has pointed out repeatedly, this water has been used for irrigation for decades with no damage.

Nevertheless, the Regional Water Quality Control Board out of an abundance of caution has conducted considerable additional studies and testing and concluded there is no damage. Unless your agenda happens to be the termination of all oil and gas production, that ought to be sufficient.

Hal Bopp