The recent congressional hearings have clearly shown that Trump and his corrupt gang of "merry men" are the bad actors I’ve always thought them to be. Their misdeeds have made a shamble of the Constitution, and lying is their modus operandi. Along the way, Trump, with the aid of his felonious friends, has succeeded in dragging down reputable Republicans who are too timid or too afraid to challenge him.

However, what do the Democrats have to offer as an alternative for this boy king? Not much. In reality, to put it bluntly, the Democrats are in a world of hurt. Their “debates” are clownish gatherings consisting of suspects who gleefully feed on each other’s shortcomings and inexperience. Most of the contestants in these shows are too far left to elicit any wide-spread national support.

The only worthwhile information forthcoming from the debates is the fact that, unless an articulate moderate rises to the top, Trump will be re-elected in 2020. If that happens, we will all be in a world of hurt.

Steve Bass, Bakersfield