Last week our country went through one of those horror filled nightmares that rips everyone apart. We had three mass shootings: Gilroy, El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

All three of the young men that did these horrible shootings were no longer human beings; they were animals out to hurt. Their excuses mean nothing to the real world.

At the same time Jacquie Sullivan hosted her annual fundraiser, "In God We Trust." Jacquie's goal is to have "In God We Trust" posted in each City Hall chamber across the nation and now our law enforcement and fire departments are joining the call to have stickers placed on their vehicles.

"In God We Trust" are just a few words but they have the power to make life good, to give strength to any who choose to believe and those who are down and out, who are confused, who just plain need help, to those who feel alone.

"In God We Trust" means you are not alone; it means that you have guidance to find the way.

Jacquie Sullivan's fundraiser is always one of the events that makes you feel good when you leave after an evening of speakers that reach out to you, touch your heart and make you aware that God is needed in our troubled times.

Jacquie's arm of love reaches out across the nation and she is making friends in big towns and small. If you would enjoy being a part of a positive goal, then join Jacquie in her efforts to reach out and spread the words "In God We Trust."

Irene Edmonds, Bakersfield