Most of my family and hard working friends except those that depend on government, on bureaucratic jobs or grants quietly grumble or express an opinion about the ridiculousness of four out of five of the articles printed and three out of four of the newscasts aired. Unfortunately we are not as skilled as some of the likes of John Pryor, Angelo Haddad, the late Ken Allen and a few other patriots at expressing ourselves. Once in a rare instance, Dr. Besdek has well analyzed a subject as well but mostly tends to radicalize. The editorial hacks generally are so short sighted or just plain use distortions or outright lies that apparently influence the less intelligent voters, particularly in California (but fortunately to a lesser extent in Bakersfield, Fresno and the Central Valley areas until this last election).

Growing up in California years ago, most educators were intellectually honest as well as hard working people but those accepting which side of their bread was buttered on the schools and union (leaders) have rationalized terrible anti-free enterprising principles against the foundation blocks that have built this great country. Read the Jan. 12 Californian Opinion pieces by Richard Nuckles ("Letter to the Editor: Cite the sources") and Alex Wiyninger ("Letter to the Editor: A brief history of walls") about walls in addition to the Michael Gerson editorial and often the underlying slant of Californian news services. Mistaken idealism is one thing, as is wishful thinking that seems great to all of us, but look at Venezuela, Cuba, the original Soviet Union, China and Nazi Germany. So try to be intellectually honest friends and citizens of this formerly exceptional country.

Dr. and Mrs. Wil and Joan Flickinger, Bakersfield