After reading Ucedrah Osby's Sunday Forum piece ("COMMUNITY VOICES: Schools must value and mentor our students, not punish and discard them," Sept. 1) where she states that our schools should mentor students instead of punishing and discarding them — which has some valid points — I noticed there was not one word about the source of the problem. The source of the problem is parents who do not function as adults and educate (yes, educate) their children how to behave properly and have respect for their elders and proper authority.

The teacher in the classroom has proper authority. This, in turn, is the result of progressives' hatred of absolutes so that right is now wrong and wrong is now right or permissible. The education begins at home and is the primary responsibility of the parents, not the schools. In the end, every human being is, unless he or she is mentally incompetent, responsible for every action and decision he or she makes. Teaching this fact to their children is the responsibility of every parent.

James McMahon, Bakersfield