I've noticed a few letters from people on the Trump side justifying their position in the national contest, but no Biden people as yet. It is a hopeful sign that just maybe we can start talking to each other again. So here goes.

If I were teaching a logic class, I might present this little parable as a question on the final test:

A certain honest man ran for president, but found that the election process was rigged. Somehow, he won anyway. On Inauguration Day, he thanked the many people who voted for him, and said that he would clean up the election mess.

And he did. During the next four years, he fired many, many corrupt officials and replaced them with people of honesty and integrity.

Then, going into the re-election campaign, he said win or lose, the election will at least be fair and true.

Q: Was the certain honest man named Donald Trump? [Y/N] Explain your answer in 50 words or less.

All those who answered Yes would fail the class, for it's obvious they haven't learned to think.

My question to Trump supporters is would you grade the test in the same way?

Larry Dunn, Bakersfield

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